Thank you for visiting my website to take advantage of this complimentary help to get on top of fear.
Simply taking 15-20 minutes out of your day to relax your mind and body can be hugely beneficial, and this tapping video can help you do just that.

Please take responsibility for you own health, and seek help from a professional if you are struggling.
In addition to tapping along with this video, I would highly recommend that you do the following to help you release fear.

  1. Get outdoors
    Connect with nature and get some daylight / sunshine into your brain. Vit D is essential for our health.
  2. Go to my Anxiety page at
    https://www.timetothrive.net.au/anxiety/ to listen to the self hypnosis that will help you with any anxiety related to fear.
  3. Use EFT Tapping
    to manage all of your emotions or stresses that arise throughout your day. See my EFT Tapping Video’s. Managing your emotions gives you confidence to know that you can change your state of being.
  4. Find other things to do that you enjoy
    Read or research things that interest you or take up a hobby that you enjoy that is beneficial to your mindset.
  5. Practise Mindfulness by staying present.
    EFT Tapping will help you to stay present and practise mindfulness. Other ways are to focus on the NOW are to sit with and focus on your breath. Engage all your senses and notice what is around you.
  6. Affirm:
    “Right here, right now, I AM OK”

If you would like to have a free chat with Gayle call on 0414714644 or email gayle@timetothrive.net.au