The Anxiety Relief Handbook
September 8, 2020
Goal Success Workshop
May 11, 2021



Complementary therapies to let go of anxiety

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Thank you so much for picking up a copy of this handbook. Originally I intended to write all the very best intervention strategies and tools in one book I have been using over the past 20+ years in my therapy practice. Tools to relieve anxiety from a variety different complementary therapies I had studied; Psychology to Hypnotherapy, counselling, coaching, EFT, energy work and other the modalities I found most effective and continue to use in my practice. A huge undertaking and no doubt I would still be writing it if I had not invited my esteemed complementary therapy colleagues to contribute their in depth wisdom and expertise in providing anxiety relief. I’m so glad I did because there is no better time for this impactful resource to be out in the world than that right now. Available to you at home and in the hands of people that are suffering in silence, who would never have dared to reach out for help or explore the many options for anxiety relief.