Transformational EFT Tapping™ for Hypnotherapists

3 Day

Are you a hypnotherapist that would love to get faster, lasting results with your clients?

By adding Transformational EFT Tapping™ to your tool box you will take your practice to the next level.

Not only will this technique help you excel in your own life and business, but also help your clients to THRIVE by being empowered with an easy and profoundly effective tool.

This techniques has helped me personally in various areas of my life, including overcoming chronic illness and pain. And I still get blown away by the shifts I see before me in a tapping session with clients.

This course will give you the tools you need to overcome your own obstacles in life and business, and you will come out feeling confident to use this scientifically proven technique with your clients to get fast lasting results. You will become more intuitive as a therapist, and you will never feel ‘stuck’ again with where to go with a client.

With everything that has been happening in the world NOW is the perfect time to empower yourself and your clients. Your clients need this self-regulation tool due to the rising levels in anxiety, fear, and uncertainty.

AND it’s so easy to work with clients ONLINE from anywhere in the world.

It’s hands on, interactive, easy for your clients to learn and apply, and profoundly effective.

It is a 3 day live online course which includes a Training Manual and and access to the private private Facebook mentoring group. The price also includes a 1:1 mentoring session over zoom with me!

Friday 13th, Saturday 14th & Saturday 21st May

9am – 5pm AEDT

Price $997 AUD

Early Bird $897 AUD (until 13th April) + FREE copy of my book “The Anxiety Relief Handbook’ pdf version.

Student Testimonial

“I attended a course on EFT Tapping with Gayle, I immediately warmed to Gayle’s kind and gentle energy. Gayle’s course has been a complete game changer, I now use EFT in most of my consultations and my clients are loving the results. I love the gentle flow into the present moment awareness and love seeing the changes happen in a stress free and natural way. I can not thank you enough Gayle and I very much look forward to working with you again soon”

Nita Ewart – Scotland

Benefits to you as a hypnotherapist:


It helps you to self-regulate stress before and after clients


It makes it easier to get yourself out of the way & be truly present for your clients


It makes it easier to get yourself out of the way & be truly present for your clients


You can use it to remove your own limiting beliefs & create more success in your life!


You can work with and manage abreactions with ease


It increases your intuition whilst working with clients


You are bringing a scientifically backed technique to your practice


Increases your ability to get lasting results with your clients


Your clients will feel empowered and be able to self-regulate in between sessions

Tapping client testimonial

After one session of Tapping, here is what Scott had to say. You will love getting testimonials like this!

Tapping Course – Student Testimonial

Transformational EFT Tapping Course – Student Testimonial


A FREE copy of my book
‘The Anxiety Relief Handbook’
(pdf version) upon registering

Value $19.95 

Training Manual

Private Facebook Group

Extra Resources including Video’s and links to Research Papers

Ongoing Support

Transformational EFT Tapping Certificate


Module 1

  • The history of EFT
  • What, where, who, and why of EFT.
  • The Science of how it works
  • The Stress Response
  • Language
  • Set Up Statements
  • The Process
  • Practice & Demonstrations

Module 2

  • Core Beliefs & Aspects
  • The sub-conscious mind
  • Abreactions & Emotions
  • The Boxing up Technique (what to do when you run out of time)
  • Practice & Demonstrations

Module 3

  • What to do when a memory surfaces
  • Techniques for events
  • Practice & Demonstrations

Module 4

  • Trauma
  • The Trauma Capsule
  • Technique’s for Trauma
  • Practise

Module 5

  • Working with habits, impulses & cravings
  • Urge Surfing using Tapping
  • Mindfulness
  • Self-Regulation
  •  Practise

Module 6

  •   Food Cravings & Food Avoidance
  •   What the Clinical Trials show
  •   Practise

Module 7

  • Working with Pain & Injury
  • Practise

Module 8

  • Goal Setting Techniques using EFT Tapping
  • Fears
  • Business Goals
  • Manifesting
  • Practise

Module 9

  • Transformational EFT Tapping
  • Blending hypnosis with Tapping
  • The Meridian Points & Emotions
  • Practice & Demonstrations

Module 10

  • Transformational EFT
  • Energy as Medicine
  • Wrap up, Q & A

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